Ljubljana, Slovenia
A City You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With

Kara Scott, TV anchor and poker player

Kara Scott is a Canadian TV personality, journalist and ambassador for poker.  After traveling half of the world, Kara settled in Ljubljana with her husband and they absolutely love it!

Barley Risotto, Monstera Bistro Ljubljana

Monstera Bistro, owned by chef Bine Volčič and his wife Katarina, a new and most innovative Ljubljana restaurant, ticks all our ‘must have’ boxes and becomes one of our favorite places, citywide…

Zvezda Bistro Ljubljana

Central, convenient and serving a tasty mix of Slovene and international dishes, Zvezda Bistro is a great choice for a quiet meal right by the green Park Zvezda…

A wonderful voice, a talented musician and song writer, a warm, sunny personality.  This is Marina Mårtensson.  She lives between Ljubljana and Izola and has a fascinating life story to tell…

Vintage Design of Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102

Lovely ambiance, a great central location and good dining (not to mention its famous owner) made this new place one of the most popular restaurants in Ljubljana.

About me

Ljubljana is my home  It’s been my family’s home for generations.  We live in a lovely neighborhood just a short stroll from the cobbled streets of the Old Town.

We love this city.

We enjoy it so much that we may very well be Ljubljana’s most avid “visitors”.   Over the years we’ve eaten in most restaurants, recommended best apartments and hotels, and enjoyed many of the top shows and events.