About inljubljana.com

Ljubljana is my home  It’s been my family’s home for generations.  We live in a lovely neighborhood just a short stroll from the cobbled streets of the Old Town.

We love this city.

We enjoy it so much that we may very well be Ljubljana’s most avid “visitors”.   Over the years we’ve eaten in most restaurants, recommended best apartments and hotels, and enjoyed many of the top shows and events.

What Else Do We Like Doing…

Oh yes, we hike.  In every season.  In any weather.  You see my Dad is “crazy” about everything healthy plus I think he must have been an explorer in his former life.  He has to hike every hill, climb every mountain, crawl every cave and check-out every castle, church and fortress. Or what’s left of them.  Phew!

Of course, we also shop.  (This part I like.)  We shop for different things a family needs and different things a girl wants.  ?

We especially like to shop for fresh goodies at Ljubljana food market.  Anytime of the year that’s our go-to place for weekly supplies of organic local produce.  (Not everything sold here is organic or local, so it’s good to know where to go).

Fun Never Stops

Ljubljana can be magical in every season.  In winter, we love ice-skating — indoor and outdoor but especially on a big ice-skating ring right by the House of Parliament.  Snow sledging and skiing is also lots of fun… when we are lucky enough to get snow in Ljubljana.

In spring, a popular “sport” in Ljubljana is catching the first warm sun rays on the banks of River Ljubljanica.  More and more people participate each year and we happily join in whenever we can.

Summer is also great for going to “Ljubljana beaches” to find shade and refreshment from the heat.  We love doing that, and have splished and splashed in all seven aqua parks and public pools in Ljubljana (and even in some private pools too).

Still, my favorite time of the year is fall.  The weather is pleasantly warm but not hot, the streets and restaurants are still lively but not crowded.  We love taking photographs and we think Ljubljana dressed in fall colors and touched by the soft sun rays looks its prettiest during this season.

The Most Beautiful City in the World?

I’ve heard people say, locals and visitors, that no place compares to Ljubljana.  I don’t know, in Central Europe alone there are many gorgeous historic cities and towns.

But I do know that there’s something special about Ljubljana.  Something which makes it stand out from the “competition”.  And it’s not one particular thing.  It’s the whole package.

I invite you to look at Ljubljana through our eyes.  You’ll see why this city is beautiful to me and my family and why we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  (At least for now.)

If you like what you see, you may decide to visit Ljubljana.  And if you’ve been here before, you may want to return and stay longer this time.  You’ll discover how much Ljubljana has changed in the last few years.

New Things in Ljubljana

It’s “love at first sight” I’ve heard many say after a stroll through Old Town Ljubljana.

It wasn’t always like this, though.  On the contrary, Ljubljana was the ugly duckling well into the new millennium.  Cars ruled in Old Ljubljana, the air was bad, streets were dirty, and buildings deteriorated.  The city center was gray and dull.  And empty, on weekends almost deserted.

Then everything changed.  This change from a plain frog to a lovely princess (sorry for another metaphor) was really fast and thorough.

If you haven’t been to Ljubljana recently you might be interested to hear what’s new in the city since you last visited.  So I’ve added a page about the things that have changed the most in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Comes To You

You may not be able to visit the city yet so until you can, Ljubljana can come to you.  Look for different ways of how to stay in touch below.

There’s always something going on and I write about it regularly so do subscribe to my newsletter.  And connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and other social media too.