10 Reasons Why Ljubljana May Be

The Best European City

When you arrive in Ljubljana for the first time you immediately notice that this is not a typical European capital.  No wide avenues, no metro, no high-rise buildings.  Small and calm.

A stroll through the city quickly reveals magical charms of Ljubljana.  A castle on the hill, cobbled streets of the Old Town, romantic bridges over the river…  

Is Ljubljana the best European smaller city?

Cute and charming, but nothing other historic European cities wouldn’t have.  Nothing so far that would suggest Ljubljana could be one of the must see places and best cities in Europe to call home.

If you stay for a while, though, you start noticing things that may appeal to you and make you want to come back.

Here are 10 reasons why travelers love to return to Ljubljana and why more and more people choose Ljubljana for their temporary or permanent home.

#1) Ljubljana is central

#2) Ljubljana is manageable

#3) Ljubljana is safe

#4) Ljubljana is friendly

#5) Ljubljana is affordable

#6) Ljubljana is young

#7) Ljubljana is green & healthy

#8) Ljubljana is clean

#9) Ljubljana is “cool”

#10) Ljubljana is fun & active