Principles and Values of the British International School of Ljubljana

Some people think of the British School of Ljubljana as a conservative and maybe even old-fashioned, with rules and limits, uniformed students, and strict teachers who teach from an old English curriculum.

However, the traditional elements of the school, such as order, work, discipline, and school uniforms, are simply its philosophical and ethical frame.  They are the basis on which the teaching and learning at BISL stand.

But the content and teaching methods at the British International School of Ljubljana are not at all conservative or old-fashioned. It is just the opposite: the entire approach to learning is very advanced, and even avant-garde.

#1) Respect

The British International School of Ljubljana believes that children learn to be respectful by understanding others’ needs, caring for younger children, learning about other cultures, being responsible and friendly toward people and animals, learning how to congratulate others, and by following advice from parents and teachers.

#2) Morality

The British School of Ljubljana encourages children to develop a high moral standard by teaching them to be polite and respectful, to engage in fair play, to tell the truth, to apologize when they are wrong, and to graciously accept excuses and apologies from others.

#3) Thoughtfulness

The British School of Ljubljana teaches children to be considerate and attentive by being interested in other people, by doing something good for someone else, by trying to understand how others feel, by helping others feel better, and by trying to be good and kind.

#4) Enquiry

The British School of Ljubljana develops children’s sense of enquiry by teaching them to ask interesting and relevant questions, listen to and respect others’ answers, plan and carry out experiments, gather evidence for their claims, use experimental results to reach logical conclusions, compare their conclusions with those of others, and maintain concentration and focus on a task.


The British School of Ljubljana develops children’s communication skills by teaching them to speak and write clearly and persuasively, to build their knowledge of their own and foreign languages, to learn to speak to various audiences, to be tactful, to listen attentively when others speak, to ask when they do not understand something, and to use technical and other aids to present their ideas.

#6) Cooperation

The British International School of Ljubljana teaches children to cooperate by encouraging them to give their best effort at school, to learn to work in groups, by helping them develop good ideas and accept good ideas from others, by encouraging them to take an active role in a team, and by teaching them to understand others’ points of view and make fair decisions.

#7) Persistence

The British School of Ljubljana teaches children persistence by encouraging them to stick to tasks until they are finished, to keep going even when something goes wrong, by supporting them in encouraging others for whom things are not going well, to view things from the positive, optimistic side, and by encouraging them to try again when at first they do not succeed.