Ljubljana Restaurants
And Other Food Choices

Ljubljana has become a popular destination for many travelers and is on the bucket list of many more.  One of the magnets which pull visitors to our city are excellent Ljubljana restaurants and cool culinary events such as Open Kitchen (Odprta kuhna) and the Restaurant Week (Teden restavracij).

Odprta kuhna Slovenia, Open Kitchen Ljubljana Food Market

The Best of Ljubljana Dining

Our family loves to cook fresh meals at home but we also love eating out.  We have eaten at many, if not most, Ljubljana restaurants and plan to visit and try the rest.

But as there are over 500 restaurants and eateries in the city, I only list our favorite places, those we can recommend.  To help you choose the right place easier and quicker I grouped them in three price ranges:

  • cheap (€),
  • mid-priced (€€) and
  • high-end (€€€) Ljubljana restaurants.  

Dining out in Ljubljana over the years we have soon made two striking discoveries…

#1) The best cheap eateries are often a better choice than most mid-priced restaurants.  Similarly, the best mid-priced spots are often a better choice than most expensive restaurants.  (Of course, the best high-end restaurants are just that—the best.)

#2) Some less expensive, less-publicized restaurants use fresh, local, high-quality ingredients in their kitchen over imported, cheap, wholesale market foods.  We call them “fair trade” restaurants.

To make this Ljubljana food guide complete we also review our favorite cafés, pastry shops and grocery stores.  And work on a special review of Ljubljana Food Market, Open Kitchen and other culinary events.

Our Ljubljana Food Guide

Let’s begin our food and culinary tour of the city with Ljubljana restaurants, starting with “haute cuisine” establishments…

High-End Ljubljana Restaurants Dinner Table

High-End Ljubljana Restaurants

Ljubljana may not have as many chic restaurants as Paris, London, or Rome, but there are still plenty of gourmet opportunities to be found if you know where to look.  It will likely feel just as heavenly and extravagant as in a big city… except the bill will be lower.  

Here’s a list of places where celebrated chefs perform their culinary magic.

Mid-Priced Ljubljana Restaurants, Fish Steak with Vegetables

Mid-Priced Restaurants in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is dotted with reasonably priced restaurants but, unlike the high-end ones, the quality of food and service vary greatly.  Still, there are dozens of fine places which are consistent with both, what they serve and how they serve it.

Enjoy the choice of well-priced Slovene and International cuisine in Ljubljana.

Cheap Ljubljana Restaurants Pub Style Hamburger and Fries

Cheap Ljubljana Restaurants

Our careful selection of budget Ljubljana eats proves that cheap and fast can still be tasty and nutritious.  If you’re just a touch adventurous you’ll be rewarded with delicious meals… saving money to spend on other things.

Here is where to eat in Ljubljana cheaply…

Cafes and Pastry Shops in Ljubljana

Cafés & Pastry Shops

Perfect to have a tea or coffee, alone or in the company.  Or a snack, salty or sweet.  Here is a selection of our favorite cafes, pastry shops and bakeries.

Grocery Stores in Ljubljana, Mercator Store

Grocery Stores

Eating out can be expensive even in Ljubljana so buying food and preparing meals is a great way to cut your food bill.  My first choice for fresh goodies is always Ljubljana Food Market but there are things you can only get in a grocery store.

Here are our favorite food stores in downtown Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Food Market Organic Vegetables Stand

Ljubljana Food Market

Ljubljana market is a central spot for typical and affordable Slovenian food.  It’s not a secret that some chefs from Ljubljana restaurants shop here.  There are four markets in one (vegetables & fruits, meat & fish, baking goods and dairy) and the key thing is to know who sells fresh, local, organic foods.

Odprta kuhna Slovenia, Open Kitchen Ljubljana Food Market

Open Kitchen/Odprta kuhna

What a splendid idea Open Kitchen is!  Chefs of some of the best restaurants in Ljubljana/Slovenia are cooking yummy specialties for you right there in front of you on the market stalls.  First organized in 2012, it was an instant success.

Mid-March to October, every Friday from 10am to 9pm.  Details coming soon…

Teden restavracij Slovenia, Restaurant Week Ljubljana

Other Culinary Events