High-End Ljubljana Restaurants


Best hotel dining

Atelje restaurant is Grand Hotel Union’s formal dining room (with a street entrance) featuring modern international cuisine which rivals the best in Ljubljana.  With a new name (formerly Smrekarjev hram), a new chef (young and talented Jorg Zupan) and a new ambitious menu, restaurant Atelje entered a new era.  I’m really excited.

High End Ljubljana Restaurants Cubo


Delightful dishes and desserts

Halfway between Ljubljana train station and BTC shopping city you’ll find Cubo restaurant. It is associated with the excellent Hotel Cubo with its own restaurant, but go to the “original” Cubo for a true culinary experience. You could start with the amazing foie gras pate with truffles & honey and things will only go upwards from there.

High End Ljubljana Restaurants Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky

For adventurous gourmets

This may be a dining experience of a lifetime.  55 meters (180 ft) above the ground with breathtaking views of Ljubljana, an amazing menu of dishes, served by a team lead by no other than chef Jezeršek. Imagine hovering above the city, watching the sunset, the city lights coming on… Truly magical. And delicious. And safe.

Mid-Priced Ljubljana Restaurants, Gostilna As


Italian feast & good vibes

The legendary Gostilna As, run by Rospopović family, is one of the very best Ljubljana restaurants. We love it for its gourmet daily lunches starting from only €8 and its fine à la carte menu featuring light Mediterranean cuisine.

High End Ljubljana Restaurants JB, Janez Bratovž


Owned and run by one of Slovenia’s most esteemed chefs Janez Bratovž (hence the name), JB is renowned for high-quality ingredients and a creative use of them. JB was probably the first high-end restaurant in Ljubljana back in the day and it managed to stay at the very top during the years which is an achievement by itself.

High End Ljubljana Restaurants Manna


Affordable fine dining

Manna is located in Trnovo, my favorite part of Ljubljana.  The restaurant may not look very impressive on the outside and the interior decoration in a bit old fashioned but the tables are set beautifully and the staff is wonderful.  Most importantly, the food is excellent and the wine list is one of the best.

High End Ljubljana Restaurants Maxim


Old style Slovene & French cuisine

Maxim is a go-to place for businessmen and politicians (the Parliament is only a stone’s throw away) but is fondly loved by true foodies as well.  This is certainly not the most modern restaurant in Ljubljana but is one of the most sophisticated, the service is impeccable.  I recommend the outdoor atrium in the warmer months.

High End Ljubljana Restaurants Strelec


High End Ljubljana Restaurants Špajza