DaBuDa Ljubljana
Fun And Fast Asian-Fusion

Me and Mom in DaBuDa Ljubljana

DaBuDa At A Glance

DaBuDa Ljubljana is a centrally located Asian-fusion restaurant with flavorful and delicious curries, satays, wok dishes, salads, and noodle dishes, suiting the needs and tastes of even the pickiest lovers of oriental cuisine.

Since 1994, its commitment to stellar service, with food to your table in about 10 minutes, has allowed for countless last-minute diners to rush to their various commitments, concerts and shows, without being late.

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DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, Tahoon Beef Steak
An irresistible menu

Amazing Location and Service

Just a few steps from Old Town, DaBuDa restaurant awaits for those bumbling between Ljubljana’s Republic Square and Congress Square, hunting for something scrumptious and delightful to eat.

The Modern and National galleries, the Opera House, many stores, and the main cultural and congress center, Cankar Hall, surround this Thai restaurant in Ljubljana, and make it a must-stop place for our family when we want something light, fast, fun, and Asian-infused.  Yum!

All smiles at one of our favorite Asian restaurants

At one o’clock in the afternoon on a November Sunday, DaBuDa was quiet.  The nondescript building, with no flashy neon lights and with tinted glass windows, is generally ignored by those not “in the know.”

We love to burst in from the street to another world—a touch of the Orient, which just so happened to offer a free table by the window. 

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, entrance
Really central location, there’s a House of Parliament on the right

DaBuDa’s splendid location offers outdoor seating to the side of the building, away from the street.  My family and I love to stretch out in the sunshine on the terrace, or else scurry inside to the welcoming interior, with its warm ambiance, glowing light, and high ceilings.

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant bar
Reserve a table on the terrace or by the window, if you can!  Trust me, you’ll love it.

The menu at DaBuDa Ljubljana features a wide selection of Wok dishes, including vegetable jambalaya, canton chicken fry, and the flavorful chicken and cashew nuts.  And curry-lovers, rejoice!  Both the yellow and Panaeng chicken curries are flavorful and good.

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, Satay
We started with Satay, Indonesian street food

DaBuDa—which IS fun to say out loud—is our family’s favorite when we want to try out several different flavors, overflowing our table with a few mains and starters and sharing everything (even when we want to keep something for ourselves).

The service is fast, with a server appearing at your table immediately, regardless of the day of the week, or time.  And the food’s on our table in about 10 minutes, fulfilling our ravenous appetites in no time flat. 

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, Satay

Satay, a marinated chicken on little skewers, was delicious.  Next up, Curry Chicken Cakes…

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant,Curry Chicken Cakes

These wonderfully but mildly spiced small chicken cakes are popular appetizers in all the countries around the Bay of Bengal.  And around the world, of course.

This time, our team of “eaters” ordered non-spicy dishes, but with chilli on the side as my Dad cannot resist it.  

I avoid it at all costs.  Amazingly, this is one of the rare situations where my sisters and I agree unequivocally!

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, Curry Chicken Cakes

Stir fried beef is one of the classic Asian meat and vegetable dishes and one of our favorite when cooking in or dining out.  Beef was tender and vegetables flavorful with holy basil and other spices blending in nicely.  The soy sauce was pretty sweet but the dish can easily be served without it or with sauce on the side.

I have to remember to try it with chicken next time, it’s an option on the menu.

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, Stir Fried beef
Bright and flavorful menu.

Singapore Turkey Salad, with an unusual mixture of marinated turkey breasts, roasted sesame seeds, glass noodles, and flavorful curry dressing.

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, Singapour Style Turke salad
Singapore Style Turkey Salad, a family favorite.

My favorite curry is the Panaeng, as it’s richer and thicker than other Thai curries, enhanced in flavor with sweet basil and peanuts.

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, Panaeng Chicken Curry
Thick and delicious Panaeng Chicken Curry.

For me, the Tahoon Beef Steak was a dream, I can’t recommend it enough.  And I must remember to reserve much more of it for myself next time (watch out, sisters!). The dish is very affordable, but tastes top-tier, and is served with tahoon sauce and fried potato croquettes. 

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, Tahoon Beef Steak
Tahoon Beef Steak, my favorite dish.
We ate every bite!

DaBuDa is a fun, eclectic lunch or dinner experience, offering daily menus, fast and friendly service, along with “slow food” experiences, if you so desire.

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, Bar
Brightly lit bar, with a touch of Asian-inspired decoration.

The place is a top-pick for our family for an early lunch, as well as for Ljubljana’s student population, who give it a fun and youthful vibe.  Moments after our hour of munching, we broke into the early Sunday afternoon, ready for a walk with friends in the magnificent Brdo Estate.

Meet you in DaBuDa soon!

DaBuDa Ljubljana restaurant, Tahoon Beef Steak

Map, Hours & Contact

Address: Šubičeva 1, Ljubljana

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 11am – 10pm, Saturday and Sunday 12am – 10pm

Email: info@dabuda.si

Phone Number: +386 1 425 30 60

Parking: Best place to park is in the garage under Congress Square