Entrance to Ljubljana Restaurant Evergreen, Diners Golf and Country Club Smlednik
Grilled Shrimp with Filled Seashell, Evergreen Ljubljana Restaurant
A surprising entree!  We were given special tweezers…
Appetizer 1
Green Wasabi
Grilled Shrimp on a Rock with Grated Seashell
Fried shrimp
Gratated cheese and curd
Seashell with spinach
Wild garlic
Grilled Shrimp with Filled Seashell and Wasabi, Evergreen Ljubljana Restaurant
Diners Golf and Country Club Smlednik with Ljubljana Restaurant Evergreen
Evergreen Ljubljana Restaurants, Interior Decor in Wood and Glass
Exceptionally tasty trout tartar and Harry Potter like green potion!
Appetizer 2
Trout tartar in the cornet
Crumbs of olive oil
Yogurt with green tea
Chocolate crumbs
Tomato tartar with bean mousse

Our server Miha and the Chef himself!  Chef Klemen Pucelj kindly and eloquently explained how he cooks the poached egg soup and then he singlehandedly poured the soup and placed a poached egg in it.

Appetizer 2
Poached egg
Smoked ham crumbs
Main dish – fish
Poached Trout with Beetroot
Decorated with red beetroot leaves
Under the ripe carrot puree
Cooked carrots yellow and orange
Carrot foam with coriander
Fried carrots

So good!

Main course – Australian black Angus tagliata with vegetables
Dish on volcano (lava) stones
Australian black Angus  in the tagliata way
Grilled peppers, eggplants, spring onions (bulbs)
Pumpkin, brussels sprouts
Fries with thyme
We were unanimous, even Dad!, that this was the best dessert we’ve had in years!
Rosemary ice cream with blackberries,
Chocolate cappuccino souffle
Chocolate earth
Vanilla Cream