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It was my birthday and we wanted to visit a new place, somewhere we’ve never been before.

A place not too fancy and not too ordinary.  Something that wouldn’t require a longer drive or any kind of elevated stress.  A place we could reach with a nice, relaxed stroll through the old town.

I asked my Dad for an advice.  He made an expression of a deep thinker and after a few a short pause said: No doubt, we have to celebrate it at Kralj Žara!  A popular BBQ place on a brand new central location.

A it turned out we couldn’t have made a better choice.

Location & Setting


Great, central location

Indoor and outdoor sitting is equally great.  When it’s warm enough to sit outside (April to October) this would be our preference.  The views are splendid (green park, castle on the left), no cars, a great people-watching spot.

Very chic, “safe” location, you cant’t go wrong with this location — you can bring any guest there and they will love it.

[Please see the page about Zvezda Bistro (link is in the doc) because it’s the same location, there are some photos of the place and more description on the location]



This place, as all BBQ’s, is mostly about meat.

They have a short menu (link to it is in the doc), but a good choice of dishes from starters to burgers, stakes, salads, side dishes and deserts.

It’s obvious that they take a good care where the meat is from and how it is prepared.  This is important to us.

Service is excellent.  Not too formal and not too relaxed.  Great for what we like.  Aleš, our server, is a kind, respectful and knowledgeable man.

A very positive experience from the moment we stepped in Kralj Žara to the moment we were kindly escorted from the restaurant with smiles and a wish to pay them a visit again soon.



The burger may look kind of small on the photo but that was a lot of meat.

Some burger places stick a wooden stick into the burger.  Kralj Žara do it with a sharp, long knife.  Quite a sight when Aleš brought us the burgers and quite an interesting experience when you pull the knife out of the “stabbed” burger.

But a sharp knife comes handy when you get about eating a burger.  It’s a good idea to cut it in half as it would be quite a challenge to try to eat it whole.  (Because it’s tall and difficult to bite and juicy so it would drip.)

Mom was happy with her choice.   She complemented the meat (american black Angus beef), crispy onion, salad and homemade mayonnaise with wasabi.  A delicious recipe.

It’s not so easy to compare and rank the quality/taste of burgers…. Let’s just say it was one of the best we had in Ljubljana.  I promise I’ll make a page with my top 5 (or 7 burgers) in Ljubljana one day…

Kralj Žara restaurant Ljubljana, Holy Cow Angus Burger



My sister Enja likes hamburgers.  We all do, but she REALLY likes them.  Because the Holy Cow Burger was already “taken” she went for the dry aged version.

Very tasty.  And juicy.  Not dry at all.  :)

Dry aged Irish Angus beef was tender and gave the burger that special flavor.  There was also caramelized red onion to balance the taste, fresh salad and homemade mayonnaise with wasabi.  A must try for all burger lovers.

Ljubljana BBQ restaurant Kralj Žara, Irish Black Angus Ribeye



This was my choice today.  Kralj Žara is a BBQ place after all.

One of the best steaks I have ever eaten!  Top of the top!

Ljubljana BBQ restaurant Kralj Žara, french fries and beans


Baked Beans & French Fries

Dad always politely suggests I should start eating more “live” foods.  What can I do, for me fries and beans go so much better with a nice piece of meat than salads.


My little sister carefully examined the menu, which is not very long, and had one wish and one wish only: chicken wings.  Which is her favorite chicken meat.  It is flavored with BBQ (soya) sauce which is a little spicy but not too much for our 7 year old.

Ljubljana BBQ Kralj Žara, Fried Chicken Wings


BBQ Ljubljana Restaurant Kralj Žara, Tenderloin Tagliata Salad



Dad took this, of course.  He said he couldn’t have imagined a tastier, juicier and more delicious meal then sliced Tenderloin Tagliata (cut in Italian) and a bowl of fresh young salad.

I tried the tenderloin with a few green leaves and wow… next time, I’m eating this!

BBQ Ljubljana Restaurant Kralj Žara, American Cheesecake
Kralj Žara Ljubljana restaurant, Me and a Cheesecake



Absolutely delicious cheesecake.  So light and fluffy, the biscuit base is buttery but it crumbles which I like.  It’s all that you could possibly want from a cheesecake


After strong flavors of grilled meat and BBQ sauces it feels great to hae some light and sweet fruit-filled dessert.  Apple raspberry cobbler is a close cousin to a classic apple pie which is a more popular dish her in Slovenia (and especially in Austria and Germany).

On top there is a crunchy all-butter piecrust, then lightly  cooked apples with cinnamon, and then added raspberries to the mix.  It’s best eaten warm and if you want you can order some vanilla cream with it.

Kralj Žara is a great place for either a quick lunch or a slow dinner.

Excellent food, excellent staff and excellent ambiance with views of the green park Zvezda.

Map, Hours & Contact

Kralj Žara address: Kongresni trg 3, Ljubljana

Hours: Monday to Thursday 12am – 10pm; Friday and Saturday 12am – 11pm; Sunday and Holidays closed

Email: restaurant@kraljzara.si

Phone: +386 (0)1 421 90 91

Website: Kralj Žara BBQ Restaurant

Parking: Congress Square garage is just a minute walk away.