Ljubljana Pizzeria Trta
For Lovers of the Crispy, Cheesy Side of Life

Pizzeria Trta, can't get enough of pizza Primavera
Can’t get enough!

Trta At A Glance

Trta is a family-owned pizzeria in Ljubljana with a commitment to quality ingredients, the “lighter side” of pizza, and top-tier service. An evening with family and friends at Trta, sitting in the sun on the terrace or cozy in the old, renovated house-turned-restaurant, is truly a beautiful experience.

Owners Saša and Aleš Novakovič prove their passion for Italian cuisine every day with inventive recipes, gluten-free options, and pastas, salads, and desserts.

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If there’s one thing that’s universal, it’s pizza. And if you’re traveling to my beautiful Ljubljana city with a hankering for something cheesy, something crispy, all in a friendly and fun setting, Trta Pizzeria Ljubljana is the place for you.

Pizzeria Trta, pizza Primavera
The Primavera, with tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh peppers.

Location & Setting

Find the gorgeous, old-world building between Old Ljubljana and the newly-renovated Špica Park, along the river—which is one of the best places in the world for a late-evening stroll (after some delicious pizza and pasta!).

Of all the Ljubljana restaurants, pizzeria Trta is one of our favorites.  And really, the complete Trta experience can’t be beat, from our bike ride to the pretty, yellow Trta house (trta is Slovene for vine), to sitting on the terrace, to saying “hi!” to the amazing owners, Aleš and Saša Novakovič.

Pizzeria Trta, renovated old house on Grudnovo nabrežje
Inside of the old, renovated house-turned restaurant

My family’s been regulars since 2004. And because the delicious pizza is on the “lighter side,” complete with locally sourced vegetables and sausages, we can go again and again! They even offer gluten-free pizza, with a top-secret recipe that is all their own.

Pizzeria Trta, slice of gliten-free pizza Toskana
“Light as a feather” gluten-free pizza in Trta
Pizzeria Trta, salad bar
The cozy restaurant, with a salad bar

Menu: From Pizza To Pasta And Beyond!

My two favorite pizzas at Trta are the Primavera and the Rukola. Both have bases of mozzarella, with thicker-than-normal Italian crust (with the perfect crunch).  Because the service is incredible, the pizza’s out to your table after about 10 minutes, and it’s never waiting on the counter too long—the owners make sure of it.

This time, I ordered the Primavera and asked my sister to enjoy the Rukola, so I could have both.  Kind of clever, eh?

Pizzeria Trta, pizza Rukola
The Rukola, with tomatoes, mushrooms, mozzarella, and rocket.

My dad chose a salad, which seemed boring to me at first. But when it came out, it looked so delightful and fresh.  See how pretty it is for yourself!

Pizzeria Trta, fresh mixed salad
Fresh ingredients in this beautiful salad

Because we’re a curious family, one of us just HAD to try the new gluten-free dough.  

Mom opted for the Toskana, without gluten, and then we all dug in.  I guess if you’re a mom, you’re used to people eating your food!  

Aleš told us that it took them about six months to perfect this gluten-free recipe, and I have to say—it was worth their effort.  So light, so delicious!  

Pizzeria Trta, pizza Toskana
Gluten-free Toskana, with fresh tomatoes, pancetta, mozzarella, rocket, Parmesan, and courgettes

My baby sister, Kathy, had a different approach (she always does) and chose the spaghetti Bolognese.

Trta’s commitment to local ingredients, as well as making EVERYTHING in the restaurant means that this dish is out of this world.  And quite beautiful, wouldn’t you say?

Pizzeria Trta, spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Bolognese, with local meat and noodles made in-house.

And no experience in pizzeria Trta in Ljubljana is complete without the homemade Panna Cotta, with strawberries.  We gobbled it up quickly, thankful for our wonderful servers, our time together as a family on the terrace, and the stunning July heat.

Fresh strawberry Panna Cotta: a must-have!

Short Story About Trta

The Novakovič brothers, along with their wives, own and operate the restaurant—and have since 1998 (after a few years owning a bar).  Armed with their love of cooking and Italian cuisine, they searched high and low for a proper place for a restaurant.  

Finally, they found an old, faltering house on the river and in the next five years they have meticulously renovated it.  I can’t imagine doing anything for so long!

Pizzeria Trta, bar and kitchen
Five years of hard renovation and serious love for their work

When you enter the restaurant, taste the gorgeous pizza, and interact with the servers, you can really feel the love, passion, and commitment Aleš and Sašo and their families have for their restaurant.

They work tirelessly to design winning pizza recipes, with inventive combinations, while offering top-quality, consistent pizzas, every single day of every single month.  And it’s more than worth it!

Trta Pizzeria, slice of pizza Rukola
Fresh, delicious pizzas all year round

Don’t hesitate to give Trta Pizzeria a chance when you come to Ljubljana!

It’s a top-rate experience in my city, honed with the love and passion of the restaurant owners.  See you there!

Map, Hours & Contact

You will find Pizzeria Trta at Grudnovo nabrežje 21 in Ljubljana.  There is street parking available along Ljubljanica river.  Be sure to park on white zone only (€0,50 per hour, free after 5pm and weekends/holidays).

Pizzeria Trta is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 12am to 10pm.  Sundays, Mondays and national holidays the restaurant is closed.

For reservations call +386 1 426 50 66 or inquire directly at trta.si.

Enjoy the experience and please let me know your impressions about pizzeria Trta in Ljubljana in the comments below…