Slovenian Celebrity’s Soba 102
The “Go-To” Ljubljana Restaurant & Café Bar

Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102 Lunch
Fun and delicious time at Soba 102

Soba 102 At A Glance

Soba 102 is a hip and cosy Ljubljana restaurant, nestled between Old Town and Park Tivoli, and owned by none other than Slovenian pop star Jan Plestenjak (and his business partner Boštjan Menart from Menart Records).

We spent a long afternoon there, munching on juicy burgers and fried potatoes, nutritious salads, and mozzarella-stuffed chicken.

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Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102
Vintage interior of Soba 102 with portraits of legendary Slovenian singers

Background Story

Slovenian pop star, songwriter, producer, and musician, Jan Plestenjak, added ‘restaurant owner’ to his titles with Soba 102.

His hit single of the same name, Soba 102—or ‘Room 102,’ is a romantic ballad about two lovers and their fleeting affair in hotel.

Here is the official video (in Slovenian)…

As you can imagine, Jan is pretty busy creating music and performing on stage so taking care of the restaurant at the same time seems an impossible feat.  In our experience, restaurants whose owners are actively involved in the day-to-day operations offer best food and service, which is why our expectations weren’t very high.

But as we entered Soba 102 after a morning stroll around Ljubljana Food Market and Old Town (an absolute must for those “in the know”, by the way), we found the place packed.  Boy, we were in for a real treat.

Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102 Angus Burger

Thankfully for the hipper side of Ljubljana foodies (like my dad and I), the “romance” doesn’t end like it does in the song.  Rather, it goes on and on with Angus beef burgers, marinated meat dishes, some of the best salads in Ljubljana and other fine dishes from Soba 102 menu.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Location, Setting, and Service

To me, Jan Plestenjak and Boštjan Menart picked a near-perfect location for Soba 102, on a traffic-free street featuring 19th and 20th century historic, high-ceilinged buildings, and offering a big, sunny terrace in summer months.

The location is halfway between Park Tivoli and Old Town Ljubljana, with the iconic skyscraper Nebotičnik and the Opera House just around the corner.

And across the street is Hotel Slon, the oldest hotel in Ljubljana.  Room 102 MUST be popular there, with just that extra bit of magic to it, don’t you think?

Soba 102’s vintage interior offers high ceilings and a rich, vibrant interior, with large, gleaming windows and an exposed brick wall.

People stream in and out, giving Soba 102 a bar-like or café feel, with high tables and chairs near the entrance.

Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102 and Hotel Slon
Soba 102 on the left with Hotel Slon straight ahead.

But further within the restaurant, couples or families can have a quieter, more private meal, without distraction.

Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102 Bar

Relaxed, yet quick and efficient service is a norm at Soba 102, with servers acting as if we’d just popped in to say hi to Jan, and were part of a big, cozy, first-name-basis family.

We tossed formalities out the window, loosened up and just enjoyed the ambiance and food.

As some of you might know, my family and I are systematically “excavating” Ljubljana for the best pizza in town.  But without pizza on the menu, Soba 102 offered up a very different competition—one of burgers, meat dishes, and salads.

Why not, let’s start a few more contests!

Burgers: Black Angus Bacon Burger

Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102 Angus Burger with Pancetta
Black Angus Bacon Burger with fried potatoes and sauces

My sister, Enja, rushed to test the bacon, cheese, lettuce, and tomato burger, with a bun made of real bread, rather than a puffy bun, and fried potatoes, with American and basil dressing.

I have to say, this burger is a serious contender for “Best Burger in Ljubljana,” with its fat and juicy burger patty, and its dressing on the side, for us picky eaters. And at just 7,90 euro, this burger is definitely one of the best deals in town, with remarkably fresh and delicious flavor.

Meat Dishes: Chicken Fillet Stuffed with Mozzarella

Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102 Chicken Fillet
Mozzarella-stuffed chicken, wrapped in pancetta

As I skimmed the menu, I latched onto a rather adventurous choice: chicken fillet stuffed with mozzarella and basil pesto, wrapped in pancetta, with tomatoes and roasted pine nuts.

Sounds irresistible, right?  And my dad would quickly add that it’s incredibly nutritious, too.  With the strength of the pesto, along with the creaminess of the mozzarella, this dish was a remarkable choice, for only 14,40 euro.

Meat Dishes: Marinated Chicken on Rocket, with Grilled Vegetables

Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102 Marinated Grilled Chicken
Marinated chicken on rocket with grilled vegetables

With the burger and mozzarella-stuffed chicken weighing down one side of the table, my Mom requested something light: marinated chicken on rocket, with grilled vegetables, Parmesan cheese, and basil sauce.

It was simple, light, and super tasty—a high recommendation for either lunch or a small dinner.

Appetizers: Grilled Potatoes With Herb Butter and Olive Pesto

Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102 Grilled Potatoes

Just in case my chicken fillet stuffed with mozzarella was a bit too ‘light’ (ha!), I ordered a large potato, sliced in two, and grilled until golden. The herb butter and olive pesto melted upon it, making the flavor irresistible.

My family shared it and enjoyed it, and, naturally, fought over it, until it was gone. At only 3,20 euro, the only thing stopping us from ordering another was the limit of our stomachs.

Salads: Salad With Sliced Beef and Grilled Eggplants, Artichokes & Parmesan

Ljubljana Restaurant Soba 102 Beef Salad

When this inventive salad came to our table, I was shocked to see that the beef was pink! And beneath the slices of beef were piles of crispy, green salad, with grilled eggplant, artichokes, olives, tomatoes, and Parmesan, on various greens.

My greens-and-proteins-loving dad was very, very pleased, declaring it one of the best-value salads near and far. At only 10,80 euro, the salad was massive, making this quite a slow-food afternoon—with the rest of us waiting, semi-impatiently, for the slowest eater in all of Ljubljana to finish his meal. (Sorry, Dad, you know it’s true!)

The dessert menu is out of this world!

The rest of the menu’s wide array of desserts, including multiple cheesecakes, such as Mango, Peanut Butter, and Jaffa, thankfully evaded us (this time, at least), but come highly recommended.

And the appetizer and soup menus offer remarkable and inventive dishes, such as Prosciutto San Daniele with olives and cherry tomatoes and sheep milk cheese with green olive pesto.

Just writing this, I know we’ll be back before long!

Map, Hours & Contact

Directions: If you are staying in Hotel Slon, Soba 102 is on the first floor.  Just kidding.  Cross the street and you’ll immediately see the restaurant on your right.

If you are coming with a car or taxi the address is Cankarjeva ulica 4, Ljubljana and you can use a street parking or park in a nearby garage.


Phone: +386 041 300 102

Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8am to 12am; Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8am to 1am; Sunday closed