Trattoria Azur, A Longtime Favorite Italian Restaurant in Ljubljana

Tratorija Azur brings nothing but smiles
For our family, Tratorija Azur brings nothing but smiles

Azur At A Glance

It’s as simple as ABC…

A) A friendly and devoted wait staff;

B) Two owners that never miss a day of work;

C) Delicious food, be it meat, fish, pizza, pasta, or salads.

This, in a nutshell, is why Azur is one of our family’s favorite restaurants in Ljubljana.  Go ahead, try the entire menu.  You’ll have a hard time finding a single bad dish!

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I like to think that one of our favorite restaurants in Ljubljana, tratorija Azur, stands by this very proverb: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  And trust me—we don’t!

Despite not having the most romantic exterior, or being featured in the heart of downtown, tratorija Azur is one of the Ljubljana restaurants my family and I visit frequently.  It’s that good.

If an Italian restaurant in Ljubljana, a restaurant with authentic Italian dishes, is what you seek—then you should give Trattoria Azur a try!

Lunch at Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, outdoor terrace
The Azur exterior, with our favorite part—the terrace!

Azur, however, goes beyond, way beyond Italian cuisine.  You can get almost anything your heart desires.

Ljubljana restaurants aren’t generally this open to every taste and flavor.  If I want pizza, I head straight to pizzeria Trta.  If I want yummy sandwiches, Paninoteka is the way to go.  And if I want inventive, original cuisine that changes week-to-week, Luda is definitely my best bet!

But when I come to Azur, it’s not that simple.  It’s like a multiple-choice test, and all the answers sound correct.  Pizza, pasta, meat, or fish?  Everything is simply delicious.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Location & Setting

Trattoria Azur in Ljubljana is a modest, simple restaurant, with a cozy interior and two terraces perfect for warm weather.

When it’s too toasty, we usually opt for the covered, cool terrace, or else the air-conditioned indoors.

Azur is cozy, with dedicated and devoted staff.

Regardless, we’re always comfortable and at-home, greeted by the stunning staff—which almost always includes its owners, Marko Grden and Vasja Zupančič.  Their focus on quality means they never take a day off!

Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, cozy interior
Warm, recently renovated interiors

Azur is located just west of Ljubljana city center, in the residential neighborhood Vič.  It’s close to Tivoli Park and the popular Ljubljana Zoo, making it a great post-zoo option. (Since you don’t want to eat there!)

We like to bike to Azur, but driving is no difficulty, there’s parking in front and across the street.

Azur’s Menu is Stocked

Whatever you please, be it Italian rice dishes, meat dishes, pasta, pizza, soups, salads, fish, or desserts—they do it.  And they do it really well.

I know this sounds crazy.  After all, Dad says the general rule is—the bigger the menu, the lower the quality.  But we’re here to tell you: Azur is a huge exception.

Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, Hemp dough pizza
You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!

It’s a testament to how hard Marko and Vasja, along with their cooks and their amazing wait staff, work toward quality.  Imagine having some of the best pizza in the city, along with Italian-quality pasta, world-class meat and fish dishes, and desserts to die for—without having to switch several restaurants in a single night.

My (New) Favorite Pasta Dish

This time around, I paused between pasta and meat dish—and ultimately chose pasta WITH meat. I told you, Azur pleases every palate!

Immediately, it was clear that our server, Ljubiša, would be incredibly kind and accommodating.  As we changed our minds a million times, he was quick to smile and have fun with all of us.  We felt at home immediately.

Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, our friendly server Ljubiša
Our friendly server, Ljubiša.

The pasta with pesto Genovese, chicken and trecolori peppers was just the ticket for me.  I love pesto, it was fresh and incredibly tasty, while the long, colored peppers added extra flavor.

Trattoria (tratorija) Azur, Pesto Genovese with Chicken and Trecolori Peppers

My sister Enja craved it, so I allowed a very small trade.  I do have a responsibility to be nice to her (sometimes).

Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, Pesto Genovese with Chicken and Trecolori Peppers
I loved the Pesto Genovese with Chicken and Trecolori Peppers

Gourmet Risotto

But Enja had something I never, in a million years, would have picked.  Her obsession with mushrooms is insane.

But even I was jealous of her risotto with porcini mushrooms and asparagus.  Sigh.  Maybe appearance really DOES matter sometimes—her risotto looked deliciously amazing!

Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms and Asparagus

Due to our trade I munched a bit of asparagus and rice.  Yum!

Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms
Enja’s Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms and Asparagus

Of course, Dad being “Dad,” he opted for one of Azur’s specials—the Florentine steak.  In all my years, I haven’t seen him make many food-ordering mistakes.  This was no different.

Dad tried Florentine beef, proving Azur’s meat is out of this world!

The steak was medium done, grilled to absolute perfection, and the sides of roasted potato, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, and tomatoes were simply delicious.

Luckily, he let us girls have some bites.  We couldn’t resist.

Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, Grilled Florentine Beef

Dad isn’t much for potatoes nowadays so he ordered a fresh looking mixed salad with his grilled steak.  More good news: more golden roasted potato for me.

Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, fresh mixed salad

Not a Typical Pizza

Because our family’s on a crazy mission to try all the pizza in Ljubljana, we opted for the pizza Rukola, with hemp dough, tomato, garlic, olive oil, mozzarella, and ham.

I know what you’re thinking.  Hemp dough?  But we had to be brave, for our readers.  We had to taste it.

Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, Hemp dough pizza

It wasn’t so bad.  The crust was crunchy, with a nice smell.  The taste was a bit bitter, but almost unnoticeable when blended with other goodies on the crust.

My Mom?  She loved it.  She said this was now her favorite pizza in trattoria Azur, so “light” and so tasty.  Me?  Well, let’s just say that I’ll stay with a classic pizza for now.

As usual, Azur’s commitment to prime ingredients allowed for crunchy, fresh rukola, and perfect toppings.

Trattoria Azur Ljubljana, hemp dough pizza with rocket and tomatos
Our hemp crust pizza had tomato, garlic, olive oil, mozzarella, and just  a touch of ham.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Azur is a remarkable place for families, friends, and people with enormous appetites.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a place to stay in Ljubljana, don’t hesitate to book a room at their Garni Hotel Azur next door.  That way, you won’t have to travel far for a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The cute little hotel even comes with a toothbrush kit, perfect for all forgetful Ljubljana travelers.  A toothbrush and some rest is exactly what one needs after a good meal at Azur.

Map, Hours & Contact

Azur is located at Cesta na Brdo 33, Ljubljana.  There is parking available in front of the restaurant.

Opening hours for restaurant Azur (officially called Tratorija Azur) are Monday to Friday 11am – 10pm, Saturday 12am – 10pm and Sunday 12am – 8pm.

For reservations call +386 1 423 24 23.

Enjoy the experience and please let me know your impressions about restaurant Azur in Ljubljana in the comments below…