Ljubljana Weather
Just Right for Traveling

Our family is usually lucky with the weather.  Everywhere we go we seem to attract the sun.

But as much as we love the blue skies of the warmer places, we appreciate the changing of the seasons and the moderate Ljubljana weather.

Of course, while living in Slovenia we’ve had a chance to witness some extreme weather during the years.  Sizzling heat, icy cold days, hurricane winds, snow blizzards, torrential rain, hail, sleet, floods… even waterspout tornados, called trombas, out on the Slovenian sea.

Luckily the extreme weather usually stays away from Ljubljana and mostly happen in the area between the Alps and the Adriatic sea.

Current weather in Ljubljana

If you are visiting Ljubljana in the next days, here is the current weather in Ljubljana…  (For your longer term travel needs, please see my month-by-month Ljubljana weather forecast below.)

Temperature in Celsius…

Temperature in Fahrenheit…

What’s Ljubljana weather like

Statistics show (and we feel it on our skin) that Ljubljana weather is getting warmer and sunnier.  Mean annual temperatures in the last years were warmer than long-term averages.  The last couple of years rank among a few warmest ever.

And to the delight of us residents andI think even more so to the visitors of our cityLjubljana has seen well over 2000 hours of sun per year in the recent years.  That’s almost one third over the long-term average!  And about 500 hours per year more than London, for instance…

This is Ljubljana Weather in August

Moderate weather in Ljubljana is great for traveling year round.  Flights to Ljubljana Airport rarely get cancelled and the roads are well maintained in winter.

Ljubljana weather can get hot but never sticky hot.  The city is green and in the shade of the trees higher temperatures feel lower than they really are.

Also, the quality of air is getting better as less households burn wood and coal for heating.  The city center is almost completely closed for traffic which contributed  to a cleaner air in the recent years.

Month-By-Month Ljubljana Weather

Weather in January

Coldest month of the year and, surprisingly, the driest.  Weather in January is perfect for enjoying the sun and snow on the ski slopes around Ljubljana.

January weather in Ljubljana is usually cold although not much snow in the recent years.

Weather in February

Slowly warmer and the days are getting longer.  The skiing season is in its full swing!

Ljubljana weather in February can be snowy and cold but occasional rain is not unusual.

Weather in March

Significantly warmer than February.  Spring “officially” arrives in Ljubljana on March 21 but pack for the cold and wet weather just in case.

Flower buds start to pop out and Ljubljana market becomes colorful again after a long winter.

Weather in April

For your trip to Ljubljana in April, you can leave your winter coat at home.  Ljubljana changes its colors to green.

April weather is perfect for trips or travelling but an umbrella can come in handy.

Weather in May

A saying April showers bring May flowers is true for Ljubljana too.  Green trees and blooming flowers everywhere you look.

May weather in Ljubljana is so nice the city is almost as full as in the high season.

Weather in June

Pleasant and warm but have a raincoat or umberella with you.  It’s the wettest month of the year…

Weather in July

The start of the high season.  Hot days and warm nights — definitely the “coolest” time to be in Ljubljana.

Weather in August

Sunny and hot with occasional afternoon showers or storms.  Open-air concerts, street performances and other exciting events everywhere you go.

Weather in September

Days and especially evenings are getting chillier. But still very worm and not much rain. No wonder September is one of the most popular months for traveling in Ljubljana.

Weather in October

One of my favorite months in Ljubljana.  The air gets colder, rain is not uncommon but snowflakes in October is a rare thing.

Weather in November

Weather in November is probably the least “glamourous”.  It can be gray and cold and rainy and foggy.  But if we are lucky the Indian summer can last well into November.  This means the trees and gardens shine in beautiful fall colors.

Weather in December

Festive December in Ljubljana.  Regardless of the weather the streets of Old Ljubljana are always full.

White Christmas in Ljubljana?  Maybe this year.  😉

My Favorite Months in Ljubljana…


January and February because I love ice-skating and skiing.


October because I love fall colors.  (And it’s my birth month!)


April and May, because Ljubljana is simply adorable in spring.

December because Ljubljana and Christmas make a perfect match.


July and August because of the warm summer nights.