5-6 Kg Ljubljana, When You’re Hungry Enough To Eat The Whole Pig

5-6 Kg Ljubljana, pork shank

5-6 Kg At A Glance

5-6 Kg is an Old Town restaurant in Ljubljana near the river and castle, with a focus on top-quality, traditional recipes and Slovenian fare from the Primorska and Notranjska regions. I think making memories in Slovenia should always involve digging into some real, heart-warming Slovenian dishes.

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5-6 Kg owners Barbara Repe, Matej Prinčič, and Borut Novak are rather new to the Ljubljana restaurant scene, but have created an ever-bustling ambiance, a kitchen that makes everything in-house (down to the pasta and bread), and yet another top-tier pizza place in Ljubljana.

5-6 Kg Ljubljana, terrace seating
5-6 kg terrace, deep in Old Town Ljubljana

Location & Setting

Just off the river in the upper reaches of Old Town, Slovenian restaurant 5-6 Kg is a perfect stop on the way to the magical Ljubljana Castle or while wandering (or chasing your sister through) the cobblestone streets.

But if you’re anything like me, nothing looks romantic with an empty stomach—not even this gorgeous neighborhood.  Thank goodness for 5-6 Kg!

So, we headed to the restaurant with the funny name (I was certain I would gain 5-6 kg of weight) to test it out.

5-6 Kg Ljubljana, cobbled street of Old Town
Gorgeous Cobblestone Alleway

On the inside, the restaurant is sun-drenched, with wooden tables, while the terrace allows you to experience the charming, historic old town surroundings.

We came starving, sure we could “really eat a pig,” and ready to do it the 5-6 Kg way of “od glave do repa” (from nose to tail)!

They even order suckling pigs from Italy (Sardegna) and France.  5-6 kilogram pigs, roasted in a wood-fired oven, and emitting an unbeatable smell into the streets.  Who could resist?

5-6 Kg’s Glowing Interior

Menu: Pigs and Pizzas and More

Of course, our first trip to 5-6 Kg was spur of the moment—and therefore a disaster.  My Dad, AKA Mr. Spontaneous, decided to cart us there on a Monday afternoon, certain we wouldn’t need reservations.  After all, who eats out on a Monday?

Turns out: everyone does.  The restaurant didn’t have space for another two hours!  Rolling our eyes at Dad, we found solace at Robba—mere minutes before I died of starvation (probably).

5-6 Kg Ljubljana, terrace seating
Terrace setting in the pretty, old neighbourhood

Dad learned his lesson the next time, making a reservation on the terrace. We settled in for our first 5-6 Kg experience, starving, and sensing we were in for a real treat.

Because 5-6 Kg is rather new, the service is pretty good—but improving all the time. We didn’t feel too impatient. I have to admit, I had pretty good company with my family, too. I hope that doesn’t go to their heads.

5-6 Kg Ljubljana, marinated chicken
Fresh ingredients, stunning flavor, and traditional recipes

One thing you HAVE to understand about 5-6 Kg is this: they make everything in-house, down to the gnocchi, tagliatelle, ravioli and other pastas—all from traditional recipes.

They also bake their bread in the wooden oven, and focus on Slovenian dishes from the Primorska and Notranjska region, like notranjska kožarica (homemade sausage), cheeses, beef tongue, pork belly, rabbit liver, deer goulash, and, naturally, the signature dish: roasted potatoes (pražen krompir).

Dad also tells me their red and white wine is from Goriška brda, under their 5-6 Kg brand, and their beer is straight from small, Slovene breweries. They also have homemade elderflower juice and iced tea, sweetened with honey instead of sugar.

5-6 Kg Ljubljana, pork shank
Piglet shank, one of the 5-6 Kg specialties!

My eyes were hungry—and curious!  So, I chose the piglet shank, one of their specialties, with grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes.

As you can see, it was more than enough—meaning I graciously allowed my family to dig into it, as well.  Lucky for them!

5-6 Kg Ljubljana, roasted potatoes
Traditional roasted potatoes

What is it with moms and salads? I’m not sure, but I have to say—this one looked amazing and probably worthwhile (not just a bunch of leaves, for once!). It was brimming with aged cheese, grilled and fresh vegetables, and English roast beef. Mom loved it, and I have to trust her. She is the salad expert of the family.

5-6 Kg Ljubljana, salad with roastbeef
English roast beef, grilled vegetables, and aged cheese

My dad surprised no one when he ordered one of his favorite dishes—marinated chicken filet with mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and extra vegetables, instead of baked potatoes.

5-6 Kg Ljubljana, marinated chicken
Marinated chicken filet with mozzarella cheese

My sister, Enja, soldiered on in our family’s quest to taste all the pizza in Ljubljana. 5-6 Kg doesn’t disappoint, bringing a traditional Napolitana pizza with only a few ingredients, thin bread in the center, and thicker, crusty and crunchy bread on the outside.

Enja opted for Verdura Grigliata and allowed me a single, solitary slice. Phew. Those negotiations were tough!

Pizza Verdura Grigliata

Trust me: I know good pizza (I consider myself an expert), and 5-6 Kg’s pizza isn’t just good. It holds its own in this Slovenian-specialty restaurant.

I found out later that the 5-6 Kg owners actually flew in a top pizza authority from Napoli, Italy to help them with the entire process: from dough making, to selecting the best ingredients, to proper pizza techniques, and traditional Italian recipes.

The effort was well worth it.

5-6 Kg Ljubljana, pizza Verdura Grigliata
Another stellar Ljubljana pizza place!

Restaurant History

The owners, Barbara Repe, Matej Prinčič, and Borut Novak, are now in the second year of owning 5-6 Kg, and are passionate about all things food and cooking.

But amazingly, they didn’t have an ounce (or a Kg!) of restaurant-owning experience before this.

Barbara, who was in advertising in her “old” life, runs the day-to-day restaurant. Matej and Borut, hairstylists and co-owners at Mic Styling, one of the best and most progressive hairdressing salons in the country, add their extra flair for new recipes and concepts.

Their ambition—to be among the best in the city, for a good value—has elevated the restaurant’s status across the city. In fact—on weekends it’s almost impossible to get a table without a reservation these days.

Make Slovenia memories, while eating classic, Slovenian food, cooked with passionate hands.  5-6 Kg can’t be beat!

Map, Hours & Contact

Restaurant 5-6 Kg is located at Gornji Trg 33, Ljubljana.  Closest parking is around 100 meters away.

Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 12am to 12pm.  For reservations call +386 1 320 08 04.

Enjoy the experience and please let me know your impressions about restaurant 5-6 Kg in Ljubljana in the comments below…