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Ljubljana Restaurant with a Specialty

Zvezda Bistro At A Glance

Ljubljana has many great restaurants, but Zvezda Bistro is one of my favorite.

Central, convenient and serving a tasty mix of Slovene and international dishes, Zvezda Bistro is a great choice for a quiet meal in the pedestrian zone of Ljubljana.

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A New Star
I remember when Zvezda Bistro opened in December 2011 we passed its shiny windows a few times on our strolls around the Old Town and were just a little confused.
Ljubljana restaurant Zvezda logo
“Zvezda”, as you may guessed, is Slovene for “a star”

In Ljubljana, Zvezda was always a synonym for all things sweet.  From classic cakes to raw and vegan cakes, from meringues and crostatas to pies and strudels, mini desserts, croissants and, last but not least, ice-creams of all colors of the rainbow.  

Undeniably, Zvezda Café has always enjoyed a reputation of taking care of sweet cravings most efficiently.

But could a pastry shop specialist succeed in one of the toughest, most competitive trades there is — the restaurant business?  

Knowing the owner of Zvezda confectionery empire, Urška Šefman Sojer, we had no doubt that they could.  Everything she touched in the past — with her persistence, affection and hard work— she turned into a success.

Ljubljana Zvezda pastry shop garden
Zvezda Café on Wolfova Street where it all started

Exactly that happened.  Zvezda Bistro, a new star in Zvezda’s constellation, quickly climbed the “best restaurants in Ljubljana” charts and took its place among the top, most popular ones.

But will we like it?  Will the new restaurant please different desires and tastes of our five-member family?

There was only one way to find out. We will have to pay Zvezda Bistro a visit and see (um, taste) for ourselves.

Somehow we never seemed to find the time to go there together that year.  My Dad was a guest a few times and Mom too on a different occasion but we never went there as a family.

Until one lovely sunny day in May…

The Setting

We got there on bikes which additionally whetted our appetite.  By the way, if you enjoy discovering cities on a bike like I do, you’ll find a rent-a-bike station Bicikelj, an inexpensive, almost free rental bike service in Ljubljana, conveniently located just opposite Zvezda Bistro.

Ljubljana restaurants Zvezda Bistro bikes
Bicikelj station in front of Zvezda Bistro

Zvezda Bistro may not be on the river like some other popular restaurants in Ljubljana but its location is just as central and charming.  It should even be quieter than on the busy riverbanks… if bird singing in the nearby park is not a noise but music to your ears.

The tweeting of the birds may even inspire you to post a tweet or two while enjoying your stay at restaurant Zvezda.
Ljubljana Restaurant Zvezda interior

The restaurant is small but very cute.  It has big windows so a lot of sunlight can shine through. It’s very modern and colourful.

Ljubljana Restaurant Zvezda staff

The restaurant is spacious and even when it is not appropriate to eat outside there will be space inside. It is very popular especially in the lunch hour on weekdays, so it is good to make reservations.

Great restaurant right by the Congress Square and Park Zvezda - Zvezda Bistro

Zvezda’s popular starter is called a Crunchy, we choose 4 of them: tomato sauce, mozzarella, and pesto; zucchini, arugula, ricotta; dry-cured ham, green olives, parmesan, arugula and creamed spinach, parmesan, omelette sliced into wedges.  Crunchies are hand-made from organic, wholemeal spelt flour and different toppings. There are 18 types of regular Crunchies.

Then there is also a vegan crunchy, sauce made of ecologically grown carrots and red beet, and ecologically produced rice cheese.

You can also get extras, seitan, ecologically grown mushrooms, olives, capers, artichockes, zucchini, arugula.

And special extras, seasonal offer.  Spanish pata negra Iberian ham, grilled boletus mushroom, grilled chanterelle mushrooms, grilled green asparagus and truflle sauce with egg yolk.

Bream fish on the bed of veggies at Ljubljana restaurant Zvezda

We also ordered a fish dish, which was bream on the bed of grilled vegetables.

Bio beef burger from Zvezda restaurant Ljubljana

Our third order was a hamburger on a stick, at the bottom there was some bread, then salad, tomato, some meat, and at the top were stacked three potatoes. The dish was very good and fresh.

Caesar salad at Zvezda Bistro Ljubljana

Our fourth dish was a Ceaser salad, with bacon, chicken, salad and parmesan. You can also add toppings like vinnergar, oil, salt, chilli and pepper.

Yummy organic ice cream at Zvezda Bistro Ljubljana

In the summer time you can also have icecream for dessert, which they also offer there, and it is all homemade with natural ingredients.

Popular Zvezda pastry shop in Ljubljana

If you didn’t find a dessert for you in Zvezda Bistro, stop at Zvezda Cafe which is next door for a much bigger selection of cakes and other desserts.

Delicious organic ice cream and cakes from Zvezda Deli Ljubljana

Map, Hours & Contact

Zvezda Bistro is located in the pedestrian zone of the old Ljubljana at the address Kongresni trg 3.  However, you can park your car in the garage under the Congress Square, the exit from which is just a minute walk away from the restaurant.

Zvezda Bistro is open from 11am to 3pm and from 7pm to 11pm.  Sundays and national holidays closed.

For reservations call +386 1 421 90 91 or 01 421 90 91 if calling locally.